MIGRATE Roadshow

Dear MIGRATE Community,

it’s time to share our results. Due to the fact that the project will end up in 2019 we invite all interested people to our MIGRATE Roadshow. The project provides five different workshops in Europe in which the results of the last four years will be shared. According to the work packages you have the opportunity to learn for instants more about grid forming controls, wide area monitoring and control systems, new protection schemes and finally of course new approaches of power quality issues. A more detailed description of the workshops can be find on the registration website. “One the one hand we want to share our results and knowledge and on the other we want to enhance the PE community. It is very important to know your counterpart within the European TSOs in terms of the provided topics as far as we get a pan European grid.” said Hannes Munzel from TenneT, the Coordinator of MIGRATE. Not only TSO members are invited. The workshops are also interesting for manufactures, associations, DSOs and all other people who want to learn more about a converter dominated and low inertia power system in future. Below a short overview of the different workshops can be found. 

WP1 – Power system stability under high penetration of PE , November 6th, Nuremberg, Germany
WP2 – Real time monitoring and control, October 29th, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
WP3 – Control and operation of a grid with 100% converter based technology, 16th – 17th October, Lille, France
WP4 – Protection schemes in transmission networks with high PE penetration, 20th – 21th November, Madrid, Spain
WP5 – Power quality in transmission networks with high PE penetration, November 5th, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The workshops are free of charge. The project partners hope for your participation.